I was born in 1970 in Antwerp, Belgium, and grew up there. You could say I was a city girl. 

"After finishing high school, I went to work as a representative, first for a handbag brand and later for several well-known brands in shoe design.  This made me travel all over Europe visiting fashion fairs and events, and kept me close to my passion for clothes. I really enjoyed my life and the city, however something was missing…

In 2000, I decided to follow another passion – traveling.

Two sabbatical years started in 2000 to travel around the world , from New Zealand, Australia and all over Asia and from Peru ending up living in Brazil for three years where I managed a Bed & Breakfast.

Upon returning to Antwerp for a short while, I met the father of my daughter, Louise. He was there on holiday, but had been living year-round in Bali for the past twelve years. That made me  say goodbye to Brazil and its exciting beach life,  to follow him to Bali in 2004. 

In Bali the idea grew to open a store with my own creation in beach dresses, swim wear, sandals, jewelry and accessories.  And slowly I met small family manufactures and was able to produce my creation.  The Louise brand was born – “Belgian fashion design made with love”.   The first shop opened it’s doors in Seminyak in 2007.

Contact me:

E-mail: Catherinedox@gmail.com
Phone: BE +32 485 243 862  // BALI +62 818 05 350 850

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