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Mon ange Louise


I was born in 1970 in Antwerp, Belgium, and grew up there. You could say I was a city girl. At the age of 12, I began refusing to wear the clothes my mum chose especially for me. No way! I already knew about famous brands and names such as Fiorucci, Chippie, and El Charro, and that's what I wanted. So when I was 15, I decided to work weekends in a bakery for money to build my own wardrobe, and continued to do so until I graduated. After finishing high school, I went to work as a representative, first for a handbags brand and later for several well-known shoe designers. This had me traveling all over Europe visiting fashion fairs and events, and kept me close to my passion for clothes. I really enjoyed my life and the city, however something was missing. In 2000, I decided to follow another passion – traveling. So I left my job and 30 years of comfortable living in Antwerp. I took two sabbatical years to travel around the world, and ended up living in Brazil for four years where I managed a Bed & Breakfast. Upon returning to Antwerp, I met the father of my daughter, Louise. He was there on holiday, but had been living year-round in Bali for the past twelve years. So I said goodbye to Brazil and its exciting beach life to follow him to Bali

In Bali the idea grew to open a store with my own creation in beach dresses, swimwear, sandals, jewelry and accessories. And slowly I met small family manufactures and was able to produce my creation. The Louise brand was born – “Belgian fashion design made with love”. The first shop opened it’s doors in Seminyak in 2007. I am involved in most parts of the production process, from choosing the fabrics and defining the print pattern for each collection, to bead or embroidery work and kind of label that will be sewn on each item. "Elegance and charm are my keywords. I pay particular attention to details; they are what make the attire delicate. In all my clothing you can find beadwork, sequins or embroidery. Indonesia is a wonderful place for this kind of handwork and there are many skilled hand workers, mostly women. I love to work with women. From the beginning of our experience, we choose to work mainly with women's communities in local villages, and with small family businesses. "Renewal is the most challenging aspect of my work. Creativity is always in action – new fabrics, new themes and trends, new accessories and new techniques of work to develop. We never get bored. The biggest satisfaction comes from our clients and their expression of enjoyment and satisfaction, their excitement when trying on our designs, their pleasure when purchasing it. Clothing is also an expression of identity. "Our clothes are made to be worn for years. However, you must follow these three simple pieces of advice: do not use hot water, use very little detergent, and never let them dry in the sun." Catherine Dox is proud to empower others through providing jobs and works with marginalized ethnic groups. She also perpetuates traditional textile techniques.
As the shop in Bali attracted more and more Wholesale customers, ordering at the shop to fill their container,
The request from home country Belgium started to grow as well. Going to visit on holiday became a combination of taking orders to deliver the next season. Here for a new business and society was created in Belgium in 2012. “Exporting” Mon ange Louise became even more challenging and the interest grew inside of me to connect to the whole world, a passion that sure is related to my passion of travelling.
That dream became reality by participating the first International trade & fair show in Paris (Maison&Objet) in 2015.

If you are curious to find out who has our Mon ange Louise items in their shops, check our website and seek “dealers”. That way you’ll find out what we accomplice the last years.

A new beach store opened recently in the beginning of this year 2020 in the new touristic area of Canggu.

Hoping to continue this lovely work and supporting our local Balinese people…

Catherine Dox


  • I just received my “stripes marcel dress” and I absolutely love it!! It came beautifully wrapped and extremely protected from shipping damages. It also came with extra beads and sequins should any fall off. I absolutely love this dress, it fits perfectly and I can not wait to wear it to the beach!

  • I just purchased the ""DEGRADE OVERSIZED KAFTAN"" and I would be elated if this were the last thing I ever wore! It’s so comfortable and unique, I’ll wear it for Mother’s Day when my son takes me to dinner. I just love the casual feel and yet it’s nice enough to wear for a more upscale atmosphere, perfect vacation / work / weekend dress. The details on the sleeves which are unique by themselves and the earth tone sequins & embroidery are incredible. Thank you Catherine!


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