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How it Works

It's a digital membership at Collect points, get bonus cheques, exclusive deals and free standard delivery when you shop for XX.XX or more.


By registering with Mon ange Louise, you are a member of our system and you get many benefits. you already earn your first 200 points by registering here.


Collect points every time you shop. For every euro you spend you get 5MaL points.
For every:

- {50} points earned, you will receive a 1 euro bonus check that you can use for your next purchase!

- {500} points earned, you can get a free delivery.

- {1000} points earned, you will get a 10% off coupon.


When shopping online, tick the box of the reward you'd like to use in the checkout, and your reward will automatically be applied to your payment option.



The referral is simple. You send a friend, husband, wife ... a link with a 5 euro discount on the entire webshop of Mon ange Louise. If he or she has placed an order, you will also receive an additional 10 euro shop credit.

This way you can easily get a lot of credit if you do this several times.